Adappe, Grand Master of Information


Rank: Grand Master

Position: Grand Master of Information

Adappe was the youngest child of her family and was born in the small, sleepy town of Logar. She spent her youth in complete innocence of the war brewing in her world, until her oldest brother was killed in the fields by the Zhuridons.

Her brothers and father took to arms and they too were slaughtered. Vowing revenge, Adappe began to hone her healing powers so that one day she could exact her revenge on the scum Zhuridon. Adappe met Verinon, leader of the Golden Order, when she was fighting back a band of Kobolds.

The pack of Kobolds were too much for her as they swarmed around her, but Verinon and his band of fighters showed up in the nick of time! They saved Adappe and though her skills were still in their infancy, Verinon saw that one day she would become a mighty healer. Adappe quickly rose through the ranks of The Golden Order and is now considered a prized member.

Adappe is a Grand Master of Information for The Golden Order. She is the oldest female in the guild, therefore, most feel comfortable calling her, "Mom". She takes great pride in all the achievements of her guild members and tries to temper fairness in decisions when those in The Order make a mistake.

Adappe was a trusted member of the Grand Council, and one of Verinon's closest confidantes. However, she suddenly disappeared a month before
The Great Rift" and has not been heard from since. Her return is anticipated by many of the higher members of the Order.