Factions of the Golden Order
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Allies The Order of the Sapphire Empire Formed by the great Sapphire King at his prime, the Sapphire Order views life with much of the same ideals as the Golden Order. They have fought along side the Golden Order many times, and are honorable in death, desiring to die fighting rather than a slow death of torturing age.
The Order of the Fellowship Formed by a revolutionary by the name of Arxfaux, this Order stands as a testament that you can still wield power and generosity both. They fight alongside the Order, and have frequently aided in raids against the foes of the Golden Order.
Enemies The Black Order Formed by a maniacal elf by the name of Garzeth, the Black Order seeks to slay any who oppose their quest for supreme subjugation of the different races and lands of Taborea. The Black Order once had a fortress in Silverspring but it was destroyed by the combined efforts of the Golden, Sapphire, and Fellowship orders.
The Crimson Order of Bloody Sky The Crimson Order is a band of Mercenaries, distinguished by their blood red armor. Their leader, Lord Crimson, believes that the mercenary way of life is the only way of life; and when they receive a contract they follow it, no matter the cost. Based in Dust Devil Canyon, the Crimson Order constantly assaults both the Sapphire Order and the Order of Dark Glory.
The Sisterhood of the Eternal Darkness Followers of the Ancients, the Sisterhood believes that the Ancients should be placed back in charge of the universe, and fight with the Order for control of the Sex Gems. Their leader, Avatari, is a master of the Dark Arts, allowing her to enslave the minds of weak willed people.
The Agency of Blackened Midnight A corrupt splinter group of the old Agency of New Midnight, the New Agency follows the Black Order, sending their forces to consume the Golden Order. They seem to use magic not known to most, named Midnight Techniques, and are incredibly skilled with it. Their skills resemble Verinon's Holy Skill Techniques... could they be related?
Neutral The Dark Brotherhood Not much is known about this faction...