Myke, Master of Warriors

Rank: Master

Position: Master

Myke wandered the countryside searching for the men who slaughtered his parents. He came across a mob of Zuhridon filled with rage, he attacked. after defeating the mob Myke ran up the mountain, collapsing at the peak.

He awoke a week later in a strange bed. Morron, a friendly mage, found Myke at the top of that mountain and brought Myke home to nurse him back to health. Morron taught Myke the ways of the mage. Years passed , and Myke awoke from a dream one night covered in sweat; a dream warning him of Evil and the destruction of his land, and of a Gold Light fighting that Evil.

Myke gathered his weapons and slipped away into the night to fight the Evil that was spreading across the land and of the Gold Light. one day while in town, a stranger approached; a man clad magnificently, his gaze awe inspiring.

He was dressed in Gold; gold that seemed to make the very sun dim in comparison. Myke had never seen anything like him. The stranger asked Myke if he wanted to join the Order. To fight the Evil that threatenned the land. THE GOLDEN ORDER. Myke remembered his dream,  and his voice faltered for a moment. Then, pulling himself together, he spoke; "Yes I will ...."

Myke broke from the Order when he joined Tinkerbell in creating the Guardian Angels. Even though he did this, he still follows the Way, and is considered a member of the Council itself.