Rank Layout in the Golden Order
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Council Members Grand Master Members that have been with the Order for a long time, and their actions helpful to all. Grand Masters are member of the Traiad, who can be approached in lieu of the full Council. The Triad controls things hardly fit for the Council, such as public relations and other such things. During meetings, their vote counts double, same as the High Masters.
High Master A Master that has shown their loyalty and generosity time and time again, these members have managed to rise in the ranks to become High Masters, overseeing the Council. While they can be considered "policemen" of the Council, they do not have complete authority over the Council. Their vote counts double in meetings.
Master Members who have risen in the ranks to become highly respected elders, Masters are in charge of most of the guild. They control who can become a Master, they can control who is booted, and they can control punishment, as well as much more. The Council's power is absolute within the guild.
Knight Captain of the Order A Member of the Council that is the voice of the people; these members have complete control over their entire division. A full list of divisions is below for reference.
Elite Members Imperial Knight of the Order Members that have aided their companions and others sufficiently become Imperial Knights. These Knights command squads of forces on the battlefield, and are considered to be the "Officers" in other guilds. This rank is higher than Guardian, but by no means is it made up entirely of high levels.
High Level Members Guardian of the Order Guardians signify the high leveled players in the guild. Consisting of level 40+, these members have experience beneath their belt. However, because of the rule of 40+, this means anyone that is level 40+ immediately gets this seat in the guild, so this seat doe not have much power, other than being able to do most endgame instances.
Normal Members Holy Knight of the Order A knight that has shown promise in the guild, Holy Knights are little more than an Honorary position within the guild itself. Knights that wish to gain higher rank must become, or surpass, the Holy Knights in some way to get to the higher ranks.
Knight of the Order A Knight is a basic member of the Order. Dedicated and generous, they can gain ranks by showing kindness to others.
New Recruits Initiate of the Order A member yet to prove himself, Initiates are still in the process of gaining the trust of other members. When they have spoken and aided people enough, they become Knights.






Divisions of the Order
Division 1
*Dragon Squadron*
These members are hand picked by Verinon as elite officers, and his guardians. Mambers of the Council are also allowed to join, if asked.

Dragon Squadron was almost completely eliminated in the Darkness Campaign, where they fought alongside Verinon to defeat the Ancients. Dragon Squadron use tactics and cunning, not brute strength, to get what they need.
Division 2
*Pegasus Squadron*
Pegasus Squadron is the kindest quadron, focusing on peace rather than war. Pegasus Squadron perfers to aid those fallen combat, making them idea in the arts of ressurection and rebirth. Among the women of the humans lands there is talk of a elvish princess who leads this Division who can heal a person;s heart with just a smile.

During the Darkness Campaign, the Pegasus Squadron aided those that fell in combat, even fallen enemies, causing them to be named "Angels" by friend and foe alike. To this day, harming a member of Pegasus Squadron has not been done my ANY side in any war.
Division 3
*Eagle Squadron*
Eagle Squadron are the healers of the Order. Consisting of battle priests and more, these members use potions, alchemy, and other such magic to aid others on the battlefield.

Eagle Squadron was split during the Darkness Campaigns, helping the other divisions heal and help those who were killed in action. While under the care of a member of Eagle Squadron, no man or woman has ever died.
Division 4
*Panther Squadron*
Panther Squadron is the squadron within the Order used for elite soldiers. Members of Division 4 are considered to be the best in the appropriate fields, allowing them to act and think as one. The procedure of recruiting members into Panther Squadron is very tedious and time consuming, and most recruits fear what it takes to become a member of Division 4.

During the Darkness Campaign, Panther Squadron was in charge of leading tactical battles into enemy territory. Some members controlled squads of other divisions, and others worked alone.
Division 5
*Snake Squadron*
The guild's assassins and spies, Snake squadron controls the intelligence reports given to the other Divisions. They use their mastery of poisons and underhanded tactics to avoid directly attacking an enemy.

During the Darkness Campaign, Snake Squadron managed to assassinate 15 enemy Generals and Captains; most of the time in front of their subordinates.
Division 6
*Reaper Squadron*
Reaper Squadron are the most feared of all of the squadrons for their merciless cunning. The members of this squadron give no mercy, and expect none in return. When they enter the battlefield, other Squadrons stay well away from them, or else are killed as they cut a bloody path through their foes.

During the Darkness Campaign, Reaper Squadron was only used in battle once, and that battle became known as the Great Massacre, from the amount of friends and foes both slain.