History of the Golden Order

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Verinon, just before the Order truly began. Also, notice he does not have his wings! 


The Guild Recruiting Photo. The name blocked out is Demonikin. Still no wings for Verinon.


Verinon sieges Mystic Altar

Verinon sieges the Mystic Altar with Athans, Cecil, and Spiritsong, during the 3rd Time of Prosperity. Also, this was done when Verinon had just recieved his wings!

The Golden Alliance at its Highest, formed of Dawntreaders, Celestial, Disturbed, The Golden Order,  Retribution, Hitmen, Aperturscience, and Elites.


The peak of the guild's power, after Kaizer, Verinon, and Athans teamed with two friends to take down Binpike, the greatest boss in the game. Unfortunately, he dropped absolute CRAP. Also, this was one of the last times they fought alongside each other, for Halloween was about to come...

Kingcecil's promotion to Master. The final Meeting before the fateful Halloween event. 


And so, we are reborn.... 


Backstory (True History Below)

(Before Golden Order)

The grand halls of the Golden Order did not always preside over the land of Taborea. Before the Golden Order, there was chaos; the other Order of the Land, The Order of Dark Glory and The Eye of Wisdom, were besieged by the forces of the Black Order and the Order of the Zuhridon, harbingers of the Void. The wars continued, decimating the land, until one person stood tall; the Founder of the Golden Order, Verinon.

Taking up a blade and naming himself the Supreme Master, he formed the Golden Order to bring light to places there were none. The Golden Order carried the fight to the Zuhridon's Camp deep in the heart of Tagena, where the vile Zuhridons were massacred.

Then, they turned their attention to The Black Order. Founded by the wicked Grand Marshal Garzeth, they thrived upon the chaos they created in the land of Tagena.

Declaring war on the forces of the Black Order, the Golden Order charged into battle. Though they lost many brave soldiers before they could begin due to the defense by the Black Order soldiers, the Order's Mages, led by the Grand Master of Mobslaying, Angleofdeath and the Grand Master of Resources, Kaizermyou, cast a spell that sank the Black Fortress into the depths of the Lake of Magic Mist.

Now, the ranks of the Order strive to make the lands of Taborea a better place, along with the Golden Alliance of Taborea.

Hail to the Order! Long last the Way!


True History

1 week after the server began, Verinon turned level 15, and finally earned the 100k to make a guild. He formed it along with the help of three people: Besmertiny, Vamora, and Elhadron. The guild started weak, including a young member, Angelofdeath, who later became an advisor to Verinon, and the guild remained that way until Verinon hit level 30.

When he hit level 30, Verinon met Zaint, a fellow knight, who was wearing a "rather cool" helm named the Puppet Helm. Verinon was fascinated with this helm and the matching boots, and when he heard they were in FA, he joined party after party to get his hands on them.

After getting the shoulders, helm, and boots of the silver set, he tried and tried to find matching chest and gloves, finally fining the gloves from a  quest from an NPC in Ystra named Anna, and the plate body from the AH, named Silver Plate Armor.

With his new armor, dubbed "Golden order Set" he was instantly recognized as having one of the most interesting armor sets on the server. Using this new status, he went to Logar and began recruiting. Many recruits were gained, including renowned members Kingcecil, Knockers, Sardonix and Zaint himself.

However, this time of prosperity was soon to change. Soon after forming the Council and making the Golden Halls (The castle) a rift appeared between Knockers and Verinon. The focus of this rift was Kingcecil, who as deemed "Unworthy" by Knockers for his greed and arrogance. Around this time, Angelofdeath and Sardonix quit playing. Verinon also met Dmeonikin, a young player whom acted foolish at times, but was great fun to have around.

Verinon disagreed, stating Cecil deserved a chance, and so Knockers left, taking Zaint and many more with him. At this time, Verinon found Tinkerbell, who helped him and became a valuable member of his Council, rising in rank very fast. Tink began looking at Verinon as "Her Older Brother" and has kept that view.

Soon, however, Kingcecil became too arrogant, and ninjaed a full set of loot from FA. This caused the Council to convene, and, for the first time in Golden Order History, booted someone from the guild.

However, seeing the ability to gain even more friends, Verinon began to form the Grand Alliance of Taborea, going to guild after guild until the came to Requiem. Requiem somehow believe the Grand Alliance was a join-or-die Alliance, and so went to war against the low level guild.

A distraught Verinon ordered all members into the castle, while he went to go himself, he was suddenly ambushed by EVERY SINGLE member of Requiem at the gates of Varanas. killed many, many times, he was disgraced, and made a public laughingstock. As a further insult, a video of this disgrace was posted on YouTube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R3w03u7IHw0 

After the war, Verinon found a level 50 healer running around the roof; this man was named Spiritsong. After a quick chat, Spiritsong agreed to join.

Then, came in a new influx of members, including three very prestigious members: Adappe, Kakarat, and Ajmb.

These three offered help to Verinon, gathering more troops, and offering thier support in this difficult time; and soon took thier place in the Council. Adappe, mother to Kakarat, became a motherly figure to the entire guild, and was loved by all. However, Demonikin, who had been steadily growing, soon pitched a full blown fit when he was denied a Councilor's chair, and cussed out the entire guild, causing his name to be stricken out of most records of the Guild.

However, with Adappe and Kakarat's sudden disappearance, The Golden Order fell into a state of disrepair as Verinon worried about them. Then, came Kaizermyou and Athans. Both low level members whom Verinon trained alongside, Kaizer was the one Verinon hit 50 with. At this point, the Golden order was becoming one of the most powerful guilds in the game, even though they were known as a peaceful guild.

This guild was joined by many more, wishing to just play the game and not bother about wars, until the fateful day Wanted attacked. Unlike other guilds, such as Celestial and Guild, the leaders knew The Golden Order fight for their honor. Wanted attacked, and Verinon, who, along with Kaizer, were the only level 50s on, and they forced the new members back into the castle while they got beaten again and again by 20 of the most powerful people in the game, including Madcat, Legless, Gwen, and more.

(cont. below) 


After this, it sparked a hatred among the two guilds. Even with this, Verinon still refused to go to war. Also, Around this time Tink gracefully discharged herself from the guild, promising her "Big Brother" she would be in touch, and formed the Guardian Angels.

Kaizer, Athans, SPirit, and Verinon's bonds continue growing, and they vowed that they would one day beat Origin just the four of them. Working hard, Kaizer becake an extremely power mage, and Athans became a powerful rogue. Spirit, with the help of Kaizer, learned ways to harness his power he had never dreamed of.

Around this time, Kingcecil was found once more, and Verinon brought him towards the Council, who consisted of Spiritsong, Myke, Kaizermyou, Athans, and more. The question was, should they allow him back in?

After some convincing by both Verinon and Spiritsong, Kaizer and Athans and the rest of the Council agreed to allow him back in. After finding out about the wars with Wanted, Kingcecil became an advocate for "gather forces and go to war"

 Verinon, however refused this. Instead, he gathered all the high level members of the Golden Order, and took them through Cyclops Stronghold, and eventually Kaylin Shrine. Eventually, Kingcecil, who had been doing a good job for helping others, we brought before the Council to be promoted to a Master. With a scarce vote of 4 to 5, with Spiritsong being the deciding vote, he became the Guild's first Master of Instances. A new member, Dexios was found to be very high leveled, and was named a Master for his work.

Verinon reformed the Alliance, renaming it The Golden Alliance. This Alliance became powerful, and was a collection of some of the most powerful guilds in the game. However, after scheduling a massive Halloween event, the guilds came to The Golden Order Castle and started a very long and detailed event thought up by Verinon. However, this frivolous display was to end.

Within moments of the event beginning, Wanted entered the castle. Not wanting to have fun or see anyone else have fun, they went to war with TGO. This ruined the event, killing the event moderators and destroying the event Verinon and Spiritsong had worked for two weeks to set up.

During this fight, Verinon thought of only one thought that could be the cause: himself. Walking into the middle of the besiegers, he screamed in zone chat "If your peeve is with me, then let it be with me! Leave my guildmates alone!" However, this did little to sate the bloodlust of the Wanted guild, who began slaughtering the low level guildies that were trying to enjoy the event. However, it became Reni server legend, with Jiaozi being one of the people that spread the word of Verinon's plea.

After the war, the Order broke apart one more time. Spirit, stating that he was "Tired of the wars" quit his Grand Master position, rejoining his old guild, Celestial. Without Spirit, there were no more level 50 raids, for the closest priest, Sportchase, was still level 35 at the time. Dexios also quit soon after, taking over 1 million gold worth of gear Verinon had made for him, leaving the guild with few high levels.

Distraught over this turn of events, Verinon lost all interest in the game. While he tried to stay on, he soon found his mind going to other games, and disappeared from RoM for a month, leaving Kaizer, Athans, Shadowblood (A new high level member) and eventually Leelea as leaders during his absence. Kaizer and Athans soon found the game boring, and migrated to WoW, and Shadowblood quit the guild entirely.

The Order seemed like it would never return to its former glory until Cecil took the reins as a Grand Master. Gathering up his diamonds, he began posting in World Chat recruiting messages, something Verinon had never done from his hatred of being anything like Madcat. This brought in 70 new members, and soon the ranks were swelling again. The Order started thriving again, and to make matters better, Verinon's interest in the game came back after much urging from Kingcecil.

However, instead of a warm welcome from Spiritsong, Verinon soon found that the Order fell under siege the day he returned by Legless and Spirit himself. These two ran rampant through the Golden Halls, slaying newbs and high levels alike. The war ended with a death count of over 300 Golden Knights slain, with not even one death by the attackers.

With much urging from Verinon, Spirit came forward to the Council, which had been reinstated with three new Masters, Eviloffice, Vickyviseversa, and Xdabearz, and they ruled, for the first time in Golden order history, to put Spirit to death. However, with the quick changing of voting by Xdabearz, the voting shifted to forgivement, and only Cecil faced Spirit. Spirit won easily, and explained of Cecil's actions in the time that Verinon was gone.

Infuriated by this and more, Verinon called a trial on Cecil, and was the only one to vote against the otherwise-anonymous decision to forgive him.

It soon began a new era, and Verinon, playing around, started a fun war against Darkside. This was followed up by Lordangel broadcasting the vistory in world chat, and Wanted going to war with them, all within the Golden Halls, forming a spectacular sight.

The days passed, and a new evil was made known: those who would cheat and cause a boss to be reborn without destroying the dungeon foes. One of wish was the guild Darkside, Spiritsong's guild, and when confronted, Spirit became enraged. This formed an animosity between Spirit and Verinon, leading to Spirit killing a new member, Brestlin, while he was being powerleveled. This infuriated Verinon, who cut most ties with Spirit, and then apologized, leaving the two to go their seperate ways.

Later that day, it was brought to Verinon's attention that Cecil had been attempting to steal members from a rising star among the guilds. This was a travesty of the Wya, and Verinon demoted Cecil to Initiate, until a trial could be scheduled. Also, a new face was found within the order, Brad, known as Veilon, had joined the ranks, and become a Guardian. His progress is watched closely by the Council, who anticipate a new member in their ranks...

Then, the Sisterhood, another Role Playing guild was discovered. Meeting with a representative, Verinon showed her around the castle, and she returned to tell her guild about the Order.

Cecil was then found to have committed treachery by demotion another Master without cause as a prank, and much more, and after a trial from the guild, we expelled from the guild. He know works with the members of DarkAnimus, led by NamRepus. Veilon is missing, but Blakjak, old friend of the Order, has joined its ranks. Sisterhood, regeretab;y never contacted the Order again, so it is now believed that they have chosen to forget their RPG heritage.

Also within the guild is talks of a merger of the forces of Arxfaux, a close friend of Verinon. Time shall tell if this is more than just a rumor...

Now, the guild is struggling to its former greatness, but Verinon believes that they can once again attain it. With Sportchase filling in for Spirit, and now level 50, Verinon was now once again looking towards Cyclops to get his forces geared...