The Golden Order


Current Events

  • Our Forums are up! They are located Here

  • Main Tank: Verinon

  • Main Healer: Sportchase

  • Main DPS: Leelea



Our level is quickly growing! Donations of resources is appreciated! (Current Project: Guild Quests)

Officer Pages are Underway! Knight Captains and higher will have their own Webpage that includes their favored playstyle, favored ability, background, and more!

The site is undergoing a radical change! Please be patient!

Check out the new History HERE for all the info on the guild since it began!

Be SURE to check the new divisions information, located in the Guild Ranks page! Soon, all Knights will have to choose their division to join!

Verinon's RPG Needs testing! Go HERE for the download! (Comes with everything needed to play)


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New Arcane Transmutor guide is out!